Train People to Sustain Themselves

PPIK and Canadian friends trains DFK

PPIK and Canadian friends trains DFK

Activities done during the permaculture community demonstration garden design and planting crops.

Dream Farm Kyakabunga Group in partnership with Practical Permaculture Institute of Kenya (PPIK) and Canadian friends conducted hands on training at Kyakabunga Primary school and Dream Farm from 28th October to 16th November 2019 and training objectives were:-
 To create a sustainable development program on the existing landscape
 To provide a plan for food sovereignty in the region

Training participants were NGO Board, management, community members, students and teachers from Bijubwe and Kyakabunga Primary Schools. The Main activities included ploughing and harrowing one and half acre of land at the NGO site for community demonstration garden, start water harvesting systems to avail clean and safe water to vulnerable community beneficiaries and establish a tree nursery bed for community members to start tree planting for environment management. Another demonstration garden was established at Kyakabunga Primary school to increase food production for students from vulnerable and hunger affected families. Gardens were designed using A Frame, swales were dug to catch runoff, absorb water in the gardens for crops and planted with different seedlings for crop integration.

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