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Dream Farm Partners with Miva 80/One Men

Woman memebr of parliament starts a motorbike
Area Member of Parliament launching the project
A disabled boy being carreid onto the motorbike to be taken back home

Miva 80/ one Men in collaboration with Katalemwa Cheshire Home for Rehabilitation Services  approved a proposal from Dream Farm Kyakabunga Group for means of transport. Funds were provided for the Block Grant was intended to purchase two brand new YAMAHA DT 125 Motorcycles to facilitate easier and more efficient movement around the project site for project related work.

Main objectives of the project

  • To improve skills of farming for caregivers of children with disabilities to be able give proper diet to children with disabilities.
  • To facilitate partner organization in their grass root work by providing or allocating means of transport for increased impact and outreach.

Board and management hereby confirm that motorcycles were purchased, handover function took place and was presided by respective authorities and allocated them to project staff for outreach activities.


We would like to thank Miva 80/one Men and Katalemwa Cheshire Home for Rehabilitation Services for partnering with Dream Farm Kyakabunga Group to benefit from their donation.

Improved Farming Systems for Persons with disabilities

Having been supported by Miva oneMen through Katalemwa Home for Rehabilitation Services with two brand new YAMAHA DT 125 motorcycles for outreach activities for children with disabilities, DFK staff were able to conduct community sensitization exercise, house to house baseline survey among families for persons with disabilities

Edgar is being taken for treatment by a staff from Dreamfarm Kyakabunga Group

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