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QSA Monitor Dream Farm Kyakabunga Group Projects

DFK Board Members handing over a gift (Milking Pot) to Ms Ai Leen Quah.

Dream Farm Kyakabunga Group has been in partnership with Quaker Service Australia for one year implementing water harvesting, food security and animal nutrition in Nyakashashara Sub county Kiruhura District. DFK works with marginalized community members and schools to improve school feeding programme and environmental conservation.   QSA supported DFK to excavate community water dam, establish 4 acres of improved pasture (Rhodes Grass) for livestock supplement and establish 2 acres of improved cassava TME 14 demonstration garden for food security and multiplication for community beneficiaries and schools. During implementation community beneficiaries, teachers, students and parents were trained to maintain, expand skills learnt from one farmer to another and sustain projects to have more benefits, community members, teachers and students appreciated QSA’s support because they have water for home use, cassava for food and livestock fodder supplement.

QSA representative Ms Ai Leen Quah,  Program Manager – Africa came for monitoring trip to discuss NGO status and operation, implementation of project activities, discuss with community beneficiaries, school teachers, students and determine way forward.  She arrived early at Dream Farm and after interaction with staff, field visit started by touring community members where project activities were established and shared ideas with family members about the benefits and challenges. QSA Program Manager – Africa, later visited Bijubwe Primary School and was led by the head teacher and science teacher in charge of the project, we toured vegetable micro gardens along classrooms and cassava garden intercropped with fruits discussed with teachers to see their views. In the evening the group visited Kyakabunga Primary School also visited small vegetable gardens along classrooms and cassava garden, interacted with teachers to see their ideas about the project, its benefits and challenges.

Next day, QSA representative, met DFK Executive Committee (Board) and discussed with them Monitoring & Evaluation, Programming & Implementation, Strategy & Operating Environment, Cross – Cutting Issues & Principles, Finance, risk & processes, Administration, Operations & Management, Board Organization & Governance.

Dream Farm Kyakabunga Group Partner with Quaker Service Australia

Excavator starts work as project staff monitor progress

Dream Farm Kyakabunga Group through its Fundraising Strategy in 2016 came in contact with Quaker Service Australia and shared its interests for partnership ideas. It took quite some time for Quaker Service Australia to consult, observe, scrutinize and agree to partner with this small, new and rural Non Governmental Organization in Kiruhura District.


Dam surface extended to harvest enough water for households in the area
The dam is now full after the rains
Dream Farm Kyakabunga Group at the site and old water source

January 20th, 2017 both Quaker Service Australia and Dream Farm Kyakabunga Group  launched their first Project, water harvesting (excavation of Community Dam) to be followed by cassava multiplication for food security and pasture establishment to improve animal nutrition in the cattle corridor Kiruhura District.

Dream Farm Kyakabunga Group thanked Quaker Service Australia Management and its supporters as their first donor agency to support their demand driven innovations to improve water harvesting, food security, environmental conservation and animal nutrition among vulnerable families. Quaker Service Australia is looking forward to working together for a successful project implementation

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