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Communities Benefit from DFK Water Project in Kiruhura

Women in the a tree nursery bed

Ever since this project started in October 2021 and was commissioned in February 2022, it has continuously supplied water to benefiting communities, school students and trading centre residents with less disruption. Beneficiaries have appreciated the stable supply of clean water that has significantly improved their domestic activities, personal hygiene and small-scale food production.

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DFK is an NGO focusing on poverty alleviation among vulnerable rural farmers and communities in Uganda.



We work with different communities, to promote food security, water harvesting and animal nutrition


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Communities have greatly benefited in improving household  incomes and food security

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Communities Benefit from DFK Water Project in Kiruhura

Jackson Kanunu  talks about the water crisis facing communities in Kyakabubga

Dream Farm Kyakabunga Group Launches Water Project in Kiruhura

District leaders after the launch of the commuity dam in Nyakashsara Sub- County, Kiruhura District

Through its fundraising strategy Dream Farm Kyakabunga Group contacted Poul Due Jensen Foundation Denmark, requested for a donation to provide water to 600 remote households in Nyakashashara Sub County, Kiruhura District, affected by the prolonged dry spells. The Board of Grundfos Foundation approved the proposal to provide water to hunger stricken poor households as a basic need and donated a grant for one year. The overall goal of this project is to provide clean water to over 650 households in remote communities, build capacity of beneficiaries in nutrition and hygiene in order to curb the spread of waterborne diseases and COVID-19 pandemic.    

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QSA supports Dream Farm's response to COVID 19 pandemic

Dairy farmers enjoy benefits of better pastures and water harvesting

St. Jude family projects  strengthens DFK institutional development

Practical Permaculture Institute of Kenya and Canadian friends training DFK

DFK establishes food security gardens to increase food production at Bijubwe PS

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