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QSA supports Dream Farm's response to COVID 19 pandemic

Dream Farm Kyakabunga Group (DFK) has embarked on training community members in soap making using cheap raw materials to enable families wash house items and hands regularly as a measure to prevent  COVID 19.

In addition,  people depend on hand to mouth on daily basis, others depend on relatives, friends and well-wishers, the lockdown is a major threat to their survival due to lack of food and other essential needs for hygiene, with our limited resources we continue to train community members hands on in small scale food security innovations and support affected families and people with disabilities with planting materials to increase food production for household members.

DFK staff train community members in liquid soap making with supports from Quaker Service Australia (QSA)

We request for your contribution as an emergency fund to help marginalised families during the lockdown. 

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DFK is an NGO focusing on poverty alleviation among vulnerable rural farmers and communities in Uganda.



We work with different communities, to promote food security, water harvesting and animal nutrition


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Communities have greatly benefited in improving household  incomes and food security

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